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Natural Ingredients, Healthy Life.
We are committed to developing and manufacturing innovative natural ingredients.

澳门赌场网站 was founded in 2006. We manufacture plant extracts and natural ingredients for the nutrition, food and beverage, personal care, hygiene, animal feed and agriculture industries. We are committed to providing the best services and products all the way from raw materials, plant extracts and their application solutions. We believe that the top quality natural ingredients come from the finest raw materials and the best quality control in manufacturing process.

澳门赌场网站 specialises in customised application.

We supply natural ingredients in the forms designed for your application. We believe that our innovative research expertise and experienced manufacturing teams can bring your products into the future. 

澳门赌场网站 is a member of Quality Standards Drafting Committee for China Botanical Extracts Industry.

We are at the forefront of plant extracts industry, providing our clients customised natural ingredients and innovative application solutions to meet the market demands. 

澳门赌场网站 has been awarded as a High-Tech Enterprise since 2016. 

澳门赌场网站 Stock Code: 872543.